May 2021

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Vol. 15, Issue 5, May 2021

Role of Labetalol in Control of Hypertension during Pregnancy

Farzana Ramzan, Sara Qadir, Sardar Gul Zarin, Fatima Tahir, Sajid Malik


Single Center Analysis of Incidence and Outcome of COVID-19 Infection in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

M Asim Rana, M Ahad Qayyum, Amer Latif, M Afzal Bhatti, Syed Arsalan Khalid, Muhammad Saleem, Irtiqa Rehan


Single Centre Experience of Slow Versus Fast Rate ESWL in Urolithiasis

Jmail Rahim, Jamshed Rahim, Ghazi Khan, Saad Ali Khan, Athar Mahmood, Tariq Mahmood


Workplace Bullying and Harassment among Health Care Professionals

Shehla Channa, Sarosh Khan, Zamir Hussain Tunio, Rizwan Ali Jhatiyal, Ikram Ahmed Tunio, Khanwad Bux Umrani


Gram negative organisms isolated from Blood Cultures and their Susceptibility Pattern

Sadaf Munir, Saima Inam, Aqsa Aslam, Maria Aslam, Usman Nasir, Maria Muddassir , Faheem Hadi, Tahir Maqbool


Isolation of Multi Drug Resistant Escherichia coli from drinking water of Lahore City, Pakistan

Nazia Mir, Sidrah Saleem, Muhammad Imran, Ayesha Ghazal, Muhammad Usman


Investigation of HRCT Chest Severity in Patients with COVID-19: A Study of Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan

Saulat Sarfraz, Kh. Bilal Waheed, Masood Akhtar, Sarfraz Latif, Muhammad Asif, Abdus Sami Malik


Ludwig’s Angina: Management of 32 Cases at Tertiary Care Hospital

Masood Akhtar, Nasir Wakeel, Muhammad Asim Shafique, Saulat Sarfraz, M Younas Varachue, Fouzia Qayyum


Clinical Evaluation of Children with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital in Pakistani Population

Mumtaz Hussain, Shahzad Anver Qureshi, Khandah Fishan Mumtaz, Qamar Uz Zaman Shahzad


Prognosis of Anosmia in Patients of COVID-19

Najaf Abbas, Maria Mahmood, Kamran Chaudhry, Hassan Majid Bhatti, Rehana, Sajid Ali


Ovarian risk factors of female infertility by transvaginal ultrasonography

Syeda Khadija- Tul-Sughra, Syed Amir Gilani, Asif Hanif,, Sabar Butt, Zain-Ul-Hasan, Waheeda Awais


Lifetime Risk of Radiation Induced Severe Hereditary Stochastic (SHS) Effects in Medical Radiation Personnel

Saman Shahid, Asma Majeed, Rana Aatif Siddique, Khalid Masood, Shahid Ali


Correlation of intercanthal and interalar distance to intercanine distance for selection of maxillary ant. teeth

Muhammad Shoaib Ayyub Qazi, Naveed Inayat, Afsheen Ahmad, Nadia Munir, M. Muddassar, Mirza Abdul Rauf


Feedback on Teaching and Assessment Methodologies, being practiced in Islam Dental College

Naveed Inayat, Nadia Munir, Mehvish Sajjad, Muhammad Usman Muneer, Muhammad Muddassar, Mirza Abdul Rauf


The Effect of Oral and Nasal Breathing on Pain Perception during Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block

Usman Sana, Shakeel Ahmad, Iffat Umair Niazi, Naveed Inayat, Muhammad Muddassar, Mirza Abdul Rauf


Association between Sucrose Intake in Coke and Root or Coronal Caries among Teenagers

Syed Ammar Haider, Mohammad Irfan, Amina Rashid, Anooshay Ejaz, Afra Arslan, Muhammad Hassan, Amina Tariq


COVID Stage 5 Vrs Punica Granatum – Best Recorded of Cure Case Series; API: Ellagic Acid & Ellagitannins

Deepak Bhattacharya, Jean Bernard, A Muhammad, K. Shankar, P K Mohanta, D Mishra, J Sharma



Association of Adverse Outcomes in Patients with Cirrhosis Presented with COVID-19

M. A. Chhutto, A. H. Mugheri, A. H. Phulpoto, I. A. Ansari, A. Shaikh, B. A. Shaikh



Frequency of Pseudophakic Glaucoma in Patients with Cataract Surgery

I. Abbas, A. M. Ahmed, S. M. Dayal, G. A. Sirhindi


Primary Anastamosis Versus Colostomy in Patients with Penetrating Colonic Injuries

Bayazeed, Sarzamin, A. Shafi, W. Ahmad, D. Waheed, T. Ahmad


Cardio Vascular Autonomic Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Patients with Microalbuminuria

K. A. Samin, A. Gardazi, H. Alina, S. Malik, M. Najam ul Saqib Fayyaz, T. Rasheeq


Association of Cardiovascular Disease with Micro Albuminuria in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

W. Gul, W. Iqbal, M. R. Baig, M. Ejaz, A. Gardazi, K. A. Samin


Effectiveness and Safety of Hyaluronic Acid for Chronic Shoulder Pain

S. A. Zeb, Y. M. Khan, M. A. Khanzada, S. Ismat


Determine the Outcome of Newborn in Post-Term Pregnancy

A. S. Rizwan, A. Fatima, M. Gul, S. Anwar, A. Jadaan, N. Mushtaq


Awareness of House Surgeons regarding Denture Adhesives in Dental Colleges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi

M. S. A. Khawaja, A. Masood, T. Ahmed, P. Anwar, R. Saad Bin Sohail, F. Javed


Frequency of Different Pattern of Hair Loss in Pakistani Men Using BASP Classification

S. Nasreen, T. Malik, H. S. Memon, M. Izhar, S. M. S. Shah, S. Ali


Management of Closed Tibal Shaft Fractures with Reamed Interlocking Nail

S. A. Shah, M. S. Zardad, A. Saboor, I. Muhammad, M. Ullah


Chest X-Rays Findings in Patients Positive for COVID 19 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore

A. Z. Sheikh, Z. Tariq, S. Noor, A. Ambreen, S. Awan, M. Amjad


Prevalence of Hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’ in Orthopaedics Patients Admitted In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hospitals

A. Khan, M. S. Zardad, Abdus Saboor Awan, M. Tahir, M. A. E. Bhattani, S. A. Shah


Frequency of Burnout Syndrome among Health Care Providers and its Association with Gender and Work setup

Wajeeha, A. Javed, U. J. Iqbal, O. Arshad, R. J. Iqbal, M. I. Baig, A. Iqbal


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