M. Liaqat, M. Hussain, M. Afzal
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

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Globally 2.7 million neonatal deaths are reported annually and among these 25% instigated by birth asphyxia. A substantial proportion of these deaths can be prevented through simple resuscitation efforts, in which education plays an integral role. Hence, it is important to assess if neonatal resuscitation educational interventions (NREI) integrating with varying instructional methods improve educational outcomes among undergraduates. We searched PubMed, Medline, Embase, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Cochrane. We selected randomized controlled trials (RCT), Non-randomized and cohort design had an education and comparing two educational interventions, describing at least one of our definite outcomes. A total of 13 manuscripts were relevant to the review, in which 7 papers comprises (level I), 5 (level II), and 2 (level III) were included. We found strong evidence on NREI for imparting knowledge and skills among undergraduates, nevertheless, little evidence exists for the long-term sustainability effect.

Keywords: Neonatal, Resuscitation, Students, Knowledge, Skills

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