May 2021

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Vol. 15, Issue 5, May 2021



Evaluation of Cervical Cancer Screening Tools; INNO-LiPA® HPV Genotyping Extra-II Assay versus E7/E6 oncoproteins, How is reliable and practical?

R. Bahramabadi, M. K. Arababadi, M. Iranpour, E. Mohebbi, Z. Honarvar, M. F. S. Abadi, S. A. Rostami, M. Salajegheh, F. Khajepour, F. Hashemi, S. R. Nejad, S. Dabiri


The Impact of Internet Media on Knowledge of Reproductive Health

W. Dwi Puspita, Ernaningsih, J. Nugrahaningtyas


Maternofetal Outcomes of Acute Hepatitis E in Pregnancy; A Cross Sectional Study

S. Hafeez, Z. Hafeez, S. Hafeez, S. Riaz, R. R. Khan, A. Yousaf


Hematuria in Children with Spinal Injury

A. A. Rasheed, A. A. Sulaiman, M. S. M. Albayati


Neurogenic Bladder in Patients with Mylomeningocele in Pediatric Age

M. S. M. Albayati, A. A. Rasheed, A. A. Sulaiman


Recurrent UTI in Ventriculoperitoneal Shunted Children's

A. A. Sulaiman, M. S. M. Albayati, A. A. Rasheed


Misconceptions About Blood Donation Among CMH Kharain Medical College Employees

A. Chughtai, M. S. Abdullah, I. Naiyar, A. F. Anjum, M. Z. Anwar, I. Noor, S. Shoaib, M. R. Ul I. Hashmi, S. N. Hashmi, T. Laique


Menstrual Patterns and Common Menstrual Problems Among Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

S. Waris, S. Riaz, M. A. Javed, R. R. Khan, T. Aamir, M. Sulman


Histomorphological Effects of Sodium Arsenite on Cervix of Rats: Experimental Study

A. Mir, H. A. Butt, M. Yasmeen, U. Z. Mir, W. A. Butt, S. Abbasi, T. Laique


Clinical and Functional Features of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Russian Primary Health Care

A. Nizov, A. Ermachkova, M. Dzhurdzhevich, I. Ponomareva, S. Glotov, A. Shakhanov


Varicose Veins Among Different Occupational Background in City of Mosul-Iraq

H. J. Mahmood, R. H. Ibrahim, M. F. Abdulghani, Z. F. Al-Zaidy



The effect of antifungal and Ago and Zno nanoparticles on Trichophyton mentagrophytes

H. Y. Khalaf, H. A. Awadh, H. M. Younis, N. A. Jasim, and K. S. Abass


Factors associated with the academic use of smartphones in medical students. Based on 40 universities in Latin America

M. J. Valladares-Garrido, T. R. Aveiro-Róbalo, C. Pulido-Medina, J. A. Herrera, R. Aguilar, L. R. Barría, J. R. Antunez, D. V. Garrido, C. R. Mejia


Acute Diarrhea in Exclusively Breast Fed Infants in relation to Zinc Level

Rian Mahmood Ibrahim1, Nashwan Mustafa Al Hafidh


Effectiveness of Spinal Mobilization with Leg Movement Versus McKenzie Back Extension Exercises in Lumbar Radiculopathy

B. Ashraf, S. Ahmad, K. Ashraf, S. Kanwal, S. Ashraf, N. Khan, M. Nouman, S. Shafique


Awareness of COVID-19 among dental practitioners of Multan

M. Ahmad, U. Hussain, A. Elahi, A. Nazir, Jawadtareen, F. A. Chaudhary


The Effect of Hypothyroidism on the Development and course of Heart Failure

R. E. Tokmachev, A. V. Budnevsky, A. Y. Kravchenko, Y. S. Shkatova, T. A. Chernik, Y. A. Krasnikova


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