A. Z. Sheikh, Z. Tariq, S. Noor, A. Ambreen, S. Awan, M. Amjad
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Chest X-Rays Findings in Patients Positive for COVID 19 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore

A. Z. Sheikh, Z. Tariq, S. Noor, A. Ambreen, S. Awan, M. Amjad



Aim: To assess the results of chest x ray radiographs of patients positive for Covid-19, presented at the tertiary care hospital according to the classification by the British Society of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI.

Place and Duration: In COVID-19 Ward (Department of Medicine) Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore for three months duration from January 2021 to March 2021.

Methods: A total of 96 patients were selected. In this observational study, positive COVID-19 patient determined by the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were enrolled for this study above the age of 14 years. CXR results were classified conferring to BSTI documentation and classification in terms of percentage and frequency.

Results: Chest rays of 96 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 by RT-PCR over the age of 14 years were examined. Chest X-rays are classified according to the BSTI Covid-19 X-ray classification. Out of 96 patients, 10 patients (10.41%) had normal chest x-rays, 19 (19.80%) patients had classic bilateral, peripheral and basal consolidation / ground glass opacity (GMO), 60 (62.5%) had unspecified group,7(7.29%) patients have poor quality X-ray film. The unilateral involvement was noticed in 15 and bilateral in 49 patients, 12 of the patients had diffuse involvement on chest radiograph and peripheral involvement in 39 patients. According to regional dominance, 41 of the unspecified (42.70%) had middle and lower lung involvement, 7 (7.29%) had only the middle zone, and 8 (8.33%) had involvement of lower zone.

Conclusions: In this study, Covid-19 chest X-rays are usually presented as ground glass opacity, mixed consolidation with GGOs in the middle and lower peripheral areas of the bilateral lung. Chest X-ray BSTI classification is used to classify Covid-19 severity in our patients, thus differentiating in the classic Covid-19 of the middle zone versus low zone involvement.

Keywords: Consolidation, Covid, Ground Glass Opacity, Chest Image

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