U. Amen, Z. Rajwani, U. Sumayya, R. Haroon, N. Mushtaq, S. Sharif
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Background: Globally Corona virus (COVID-19) has become a huge challenge for all of the population. In South Asia, country Pakistan city Karachi the 1st case of this breakdown was identified on 26th February 2020 (Waris et al., 2020). This disease has developed psychological distress among all the population. COVID virus is one of the leading threats to all the healthcare organizations and due to increase rate of patients day by day, it has given enormous burden to all healthcare workers especially nurses the front line fighters who are always ready to give care towards the patient whom they encountered so it’s very crucial part to assess the impact of COVID -19 on the mental health of the nurses.

Objective: The objective of the study is to identify the frequency level of stress, anxiety and depression among nurses while dealing with those patients who were admitted in various hospitals in Karachi for treatment of COVID-19.

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted from 20th November to 31st December 2020 from different hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan. Those Registered nurses who were assigned in isolation ward of Covid-19 were the part of the study. For data collection survey form was designed based on Depression Anxiety Stress scale (DASS-21) scale (Lovibond & Lovibond 1995).

Results: The total mean score of depression among nurses was 50 (68%), Anxiety was 32 (43%) and stress was 34 (46%). 50 nurses suffered from moderate depression, 24 nurses reported from extremely severe anxiety and 50 nurses suffered from moderate stress level. From 74 participants 41(55.4%) were females and 33 (44.6%) were males. Furthermore, it shows that 25 (76%) males and 25 (61%) females suffered from moderate depression, 32 nurses 14 (42%) male and 18(43.90%) females reported from extremely severe anxiety.

Conclusion: This pandemic is highly complex, contagious and vulnerable. The study results portrait that nurses working with COVID-19 patients have affected a lot of various psychological distress such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It is very vital for higher management to take major steps and take preventive intervention which would be beneficial towards their mental health in decreasing negative psychological outcomes, because they all are working under pressure environment.

Key Words: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pandemic, Registered Nurse

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