M. S. A. Khawaja, A. Masood, T. Ahmed, P. Anwar, R. Saad Bin Sohail, F. Javed
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Awareness of House Surgeons regarding Denture Adhesives in Dental Colleges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi

M. S. A. Khawaja, A. Masood, T. Ahmed, P. Anwar, R. Saad Bin Sohail, F. Javed



Study Design and Setting A cross-sectional, questionnaire-based research was carried out. The questionnaires were filled by a total of 350 dental house surgeons who were working in various dental colleges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

Objectives The objective was to assess the knowledge and mentality of dental house surgeons regarding the proper use, application and limitations of denture adhesives.

Methodology A survey questionnaire was distributed among the dental house surgeons (n = 350). Cross tabulations were done and the Pearson’s Chi‑square test was used to compare the variables using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (P ≤ 0.05).

Results Approximately, 85.5% of house surgeons who answered the questionnaire had learnt some of the basics about adhesives as part of their undergraduate studies. 73% agreed that Adhesives can be useful in aiding the stabilization and retention of dentures, and 95% agreed that dentists should inform denture patients about the proper use. However only a relatively small percentage (38%) routinely informed patients about the potential misuse of adhesives as part of their instructions.

Conclusion Majority of the house surgeons had sound knowledge about DAs and agreed for the need to increase patient awareness towards these products. Sufficient dentist and patient knowledge towards denture adhesives is paramount in establishing patient satisfaction and knowledge towards dentures usage.

Key words Denture adhesives, Awareness, Knowledge, Questionnaire

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