June 2021

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Vol. 15, Issue 6, June 2021
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Frequency of Postherpetic Neuralgia In Herpes Zoster Patients

A. Malik, F. F Jang, M. Moosa, A. Iqbal, S. A. A. Hassan, A. Malik


Psychological and Social Impact of Lockdown due to Covid-19

N. ibad, A. A.. Beig, F. Bukharie, I. iftikhar, J. Rasool, A. Shakoor


Root. Canal. Morphology. of Mandibular. First. Permanent. Molars. in a Pakistani. Sub-population

U. Sana, I. U. Niazi, R. S. Din, M. Rasheed, I. Haider, O. Yousaf


Laparoscopic CBD Exploration (LCBDE) a better and safe option for large CBD stones

I. Sadiq, A. Malik, J. K. Lodhi, S. T. Bukhari, R. Maqbool, M. Zubair


Pre-operative Prediction of Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

P. Lal, B. Shaikh, S. Athar, I. Baloch, A. A. Shah, M. Asif, C. Rani, N. Azhar, M. Shoaib


Permanent Cure of Allergic Rhinitis

R. A. Akbar, M. M. Ali, U. Aslam, Z. Iqbal, S. Q. A. Jafri, R. A. Bajwa


Frequency of Different Types of Arthritis in patients of Psoriasis

A. Ashraf, M. S. Aman, A. Z. K. Chachar, M. A. Bukhari, U. Sarwar, H. B. A. Kalhoro


Frequency of Hypoalbuminemia in Acute Ischemic Stroke patients Based on Stroke Severity

E. U Haq, A. Qayyum, H. A. Qayyum, M. Anam, A. R. Khan, K. Ahmed, F.Shafiq


Comparison of Sub-Types and Severity of Ischemic Stroke among Both Genders

Q. Yusaf, A. Qayyum, E. U. Haq, Javaria, A. Yasir, H. A. Qayyum


Infection Control Practices in Orthodontics during COVID-19

Z. Ejaz, M. Azeem, F. Bukhari, M. U. Ghani, .A Rashid, A. A. Shah


Music for Pain Control Following Orthodontic Initial Archwire Placement

M. Azeem, Z. Ejaz, A. Ashraf, F. Bukhari, M. M. Ali, A. Rashid


Evaluation of the Prevalence of Childhood Autism Awareness amongst Medical Professionals in Pakistan

N. Noor, M. Talha, S. A. Ahmad,, M. Mohydin, S. S A. Shah, S. Mohydin, F. Faheem


Effect of Basil Seed and Chia SeedExtracts on Blood Lipid Profile

S. Munir, S. Khurshid, Q. J. Iqbal, N. Iqbal, Z. Masood



Stigmatization of Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

M. F. Khalid, M. Alam, F. Rehman, R. Sarfaraz


Frequency of Hydrocephalus in Cases of Tuberculous Meningitis

M. U. Waheed, M. Abubakar, M. A. Malik, J. Mustafa, F. Ali, A. Hussain


The Histopathological Analysis of 122 Cases of Ovarian Lesions

Z. Kashif, S. Z. Warriach, M. B. Pasha, S. S. Ali, A. U Rehman, A. Kashif



Frequency of depression in patients of Chronic Hepatitis C who had not yet received treatment

A. Adam, A. Z. K. Chachar, M. Haider, N. Yaqoob, M. Asif, M. Ali


Frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients of acne vulgaris

Z. Khalid, H. B. A. Kalhoro, .A. Ashraf, H. Mughal, K. Bukhsh, A. Z. K. Chachar


Rational for Maxillofacial Fracture Plate Removal

S. Ali, M. A. Khan, S. Khan, A. U. Rahim, U. Hussain, M. Nauman, Z. Iqbal


Frequency of Anatomical Variants of Paranasal Sinuses (PNS) on Computed Tomography (CT)

M. A. Siddiqui, M. Amin, A. Firdous, H. A. Saqib, S. Nighat, Z. U. Islam, M. M. Khan


Effect of Abdominal Physiotherapy in Reduction of Inter Recti Distance in Postpartum Females

K. Kazmi, G. M. Hashmi, M. Bilal, N. Iqbal, Wajeeha, A. Ilyas, A. Asif, J. Shafiq


Prevalence of Left main coronary artery disease with diabetes and hypertension in STEMI patients

F. Ali, Q. A. Saboor, T. Mahmud, F. Ali, H. Bashir, A. Ahmed, W. Rehman, A. Hilal, A. Muhammad


Severity of Alveolar Bone Loss in Control and Uncontrolled Type II Diabetics

A. Farooq, M. Riasat, H. K. N. Baloch, S. G. S. Shah, S. Shehzad, S. Z. E. H. S. Shah


Determine the Clinical Presentation and Outcomes of Thoracostomy in Children with Complicated Pneumonia

S. U. Rehman, S. Khan, M. Anwar, A. Rafique, Z. I. Bhatti, S. Siddique


Diaphyseal Humeral Fractures Treated by Bracing versus Dynamic Compression Plate

B. Kumar, A. Kumar, L. D. Mheshwari, Z. H. Tunio, R. A. Jhatiyal, K. B. Umrani


Application and Experience of Various Reconstructive Procedures in Scalp Defects

K. Q. Shaikh, A. Q. Shaikh, Z. H. Tunio, R. A. Jhatiyal, M. K. Mugria, M. K. Abbasi


Outcome of Midvastus versus Subvastus Approach in Single Stage Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty

K. Siddiq, W. Ali, M. I. Haider, M. H. Hameed, M. Iqbal, M. S. Riaz


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