M. W. Saleem, S. Ali, L. Wajid
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Aim: To analyze the post mastoidectomy complications in patients presenting at tertiary care hospital.

Methods: This case series study was conducted at Department of ENT, DG Khan Hospital, DG Khan from March 2020 to September 2020 over the period of 6 months. Total 65 patients came for open cavity mastoidectomy either male or female having age between 20-60 years were selected for this study.

Results: In present study 65 patients had undergone open cavity mastoidectomy. Mean age of the patients was 39.95 ± 12.57 years. Out of 65 patients, cavity complications was found in 20 (31%) patients. Among the 20 patients who had cavity problems, the most common problem was prolonged discharge found in 19 (95%) patients followed by accumulation of wax in the cavity was found in 5 (25%) patients, Vertigo persisting beyond the immediate postoperative period was found in 3 (15%) patients, perichondritis of pinna was seen in 1 (5%) patients, development of facial palsy was found in 5 (50%) patients, recurrent cholesteatoma was found in 3 (15%) patients and wound infection was found in 2 (10%) patients.

Conclusion: Results of present study showed higher rate of post operative complications after mastoidectomy. Sclerotic mastoid was most common. Higher rate of complications was seen after 40th decade of life. Most of the patients were male as compared to female. Prolonged discharge was the most common problem.

Keywords: Mastoidectomy, Cavity, Meatoplasty, Pneumatisation, Cholesteatoma

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