S. Munir, S. Khurshid, Q. J. Iqbal, N. Iqbal, Z. Masood
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Effect of Basil Seed and Chia SeedExtracts on Blood Lipid Profile

S. Munir, S. Khurshid, Q. J. Iqbal, N. Iqbal, Z. Masood



Background: Basil and Chia seeds contain higher nutritive values like vitamin, carbohydrates, Omega-3 oil and other dietary fibers. With all these rich dietary benefits these seeds regulate necessary health conditions and maintain body weight. Ocimumbasilicum (Basil) plant have been known to contain properties of weight loss, better digestion and other health benefits.

Aim: To check the Basil seed against hyperlipidemia in mice with Chia seeds.

Methodology: In this research, the effect of both seeds extract on body weight and plasma lipid profile were estimated in Albino mice after raising their cholesterol levels by high fatty diet. The experiments were performed in different groups like normal control, standard control, hyperlipidemia group and four groups of diet supplemented chia or basil seeds with two different doses.

Results: The biochemical analysis revealed that the supplementation of Basil seeds (400mg/kg/day) significantly lowered the levels of total plasma cholesterol, lipoproteins and triacylglycerol. Moreover, histopathological analysis of vital organs like kidneys, heart reported no toxicity.

Conclusion: Extracts of Chia and Basil seeds have shown controlling effects over the given parameters in the blood and weights of the animals and these may have potential to control high fat diet-induced hyperlipidemia when taken as dietary supplements.

Keywords: Cholesterol, Hyperlipidemia, Ocimumbasilicum, Salvia hispanica

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