N. ibad, A. A.. Beig, F. Bukharie, I. iftikhar, J. Rasool, A. Shakoor
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Psychological and Social Impact of Lockdown due to Covid-19

N. ibad, A. A.. Beig, F. Bukharie, I. iftikhar, J. Rasool, A. Shakoor



Aim: To determine the psychological and social impact of lockdown due to COVID-19 and to determine the associated factors like anxiety, depression and psycho social stressors. Methodology: It was a cross-sectional online survey conducted by Department of Psychiatry, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore, 500 random participants were enrolled. A pretested questionnaire was used and information was collected from a sample of 500 clients, selected via Google Class Room, Social Media (WhatsApp and Facebook).

Results: The mean age of the participant’s was 24.83±5.245. Depression and anxiety scores on HADS were 6.88±2.791 and 8.42±4.09. As many as 22.2% individuals were affected financially by lockdown and 10.2% were affected badly. Due to lockdown, the bonding of individuals with their partners was affected positively in 22.2% cases and negatively in 18%. Bonding with the parents/children was affected positively in 23.8% cases and negatively, in 61.8%. Depression was reported by 43.6% individuals and anxiety was reported by 55.3% individuals.

Conclusion: Significant psychosocial issues have emerged as a result of lockdown imposed because of Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan. The high rates of psychosocial issues have been found to be associated with depression and anxiety.

Keywords: Covid-19 pandemic, Lockdown, Depression, Anxiety, Psychosocial effects

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