B. Kumar, A. Kumar, L. D. Mheshwari, Z. H. Tunio, R. A. Jhatiyal, K. B. Umrani
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Diaphyseal Humeral Fractures Treated by Bracing versus Dynamic Compression Plate

B. Kumar, A. Kumar, L. D. Mheshwari, Z. H. Tunio, R. A. Jhatiyal, K. B. Umrani



Objective: To compare the results of humerus shaft fractures treated by functional bracing and dynamic compression plate.

Study Design: Cross sectional comparative study.

Place and Duration of Study: Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad/Jamshoro from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2016.

Methodology: Eighty cases selected from accident emergency department and outpatient departments. Cases were divided in two groups; group A (dynamic compression plate) and group B (functional bracing). Patients of either gender with age range 18-50 years with an isolated closed fracture of the humeral shaft, of duration within 2 weeks and who were willing to participate in the study were included in the study while open fractures, bilateral injuries, poly-trauma, pathological fracture, smoker, alcoholic, immune compromised, and history of poor compliance, psychiatric disease were excluded.

Results: In conservative group, 32 (80%) were males and 8 (20%) females while in dynamic compression plate group, 30 (75 %) were males and 10 (25%) females with mean age was 35.75±9.083 year. There were 46 (57.5%) patients who sustained fractures following road traffic accidents 16 (20%) cases had fall from height and 18 (22.5 %) cases had after assault. Fracture location was middle third in most of cases in both groups. Mean time for union was 15.45±2.864 and 14.325±3.033 weeks and mean time of follow-up was 48.35±6.436 & 42.52±9.33 weeks in dynamic compression plate and functional bracing groups respectively

Conclusion: Plating of humeral shaft fracture was found to be satisfactory method of treatment with high fracture union rates, better functional outcome [DASH Score] and low complication rate as compared to functional bracing group.

Keywords: Humeus shaft, Fracture, Dynamic compression plate, DASH score, Conservative, Functional bracing

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