R. Sartaj, N. Khan, A. Mahmood, A. Noor, M. Sajid, Jamil
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences



Background: Teeth in the oral cavity are affected by caries, trauma or fracture which causes pulpal diseases in the teeth. Dentists performed root canal treatment to treat these diseases. Caries fracture or trauma along with root canal treatment can weaken the tooth structure. Tooth structure is lost in root canal treatment. Dehydration after pulpectomy can effect on survival of the tooth. That is why an important intention should be paid to restore endodonticaly treated tooth. Study was performed in Multan Dental College Multan.

Methods: Study design was cross sectional survey. The questionnaire was prepared for final year BDS students and house surgeons of Multan Dental College with the three conditions of anterior tooth structure; Condition A= Minimal tooth structure missing(less than 50%), Condition B=50% tooth structure missing, Condition C=maximum tooth structure lost (more than 50%). Data was collected randomly and analyzed and tabulated.

Results: In condition A maximum participants (47.5%) preferred tooth colored restoration only. In condition B maximum participants (33%) choose tooth colored crown. In condition C maximum participants (67.5%) choose endopost and tooth colored crown.

Conclusion: of study is that choice of material and technique of restoration is important for good results. Different dentists prefer different materials and techniques for restoration.

Keywords: Endodonticaly treated tooth (ETT), Composite, Amalgam, Endopost

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