Sazan J. Gharib, delveen R. Ibrahim, Samir K .Abdullah



Background: Tinea capitis is a clinical form of superficial fungal infection of the scalp and caused by filamentous fungi known as dermatophytes

Methods and Materials:Hairs and skin scrapings of scalp showing ringworm infection were collected from the affected regions and were subjected to direct microscopic examination and isolation on culture media.Identification of the causal agent was based on molecular analysis of ITS-rDNA region.

Results:The present study reported two cases of dermatophyte infection of tinea capitis (scalp ringworm) caused by Nannizia fulva.The causal agent was isolated in two occasions from ringworm lesions on scalp of 8 years old girl and 10 years boy from Zakho refuge camp school

Conclusion: Nannizia fulva is recorded for the first time as etiologic agent of tinea capitis in Iraq.

Keywords: Nannizzia fulva ,Tinia capitis, Dermatophytosis,ITS region,Iraq. 

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