Dr Safaa Ibrahim Kadhim



Ureteral calculi (UC) management has progressed over the previous decades along with new medical and surgical treatments advent. Guidelines currently are supporting management being conservative as a conceivable method for (UTS) of ≤ 10 mm size. Aims: we tenor to monitor the usual UTS antiquity conservatively accomplished in the current backdated investigation. Materials and methodology: 192 patients’ males and females with a ureteral ≤ 10 mm single stone size were covered in current investigation. Clinical out analyses for different stone sizes was done. Results: size of stone was detected as associated to the hydronephrosis degree and the need likelihood for management surgically. Conservative management (CM) was detected to be clinically effective, where patients of 88% did not need surgery regarding stones. Patients of 96.1% with 0 – 4 mm stone managed for expelling their UTS. CMs are clinically effective particularly for stone size less than 4 mm.

Key Words: Ureteral calculi (UC), hydronephrosis, Ureteral small stones

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