S Zia, QAMati, S Zaman, ML Ali, Y A Bhatti, Ur Rauf, HHabib, A Iftikhar, MHAbbasi,HNadeem, HHabib, S Ahmad

An Assay of Albino Rat Hepatocytes in Conjunction with the Berberis Vulgaris Root Extracts

S Zia, QAMati, S Zaman, ML Ali, Y A Bhatti, Ur Rauf, HHabib, A Iftikhar, MHAbbasi,HNadeem, HHabib, S Ahmad



 Background: Cyclophosphamide is a well-known, powerful anti-cancer treatment of choice for various tumors.

Aim: To study, the protective effect of Berberis Vulgaris methanolic root extract on hepatocytes of rats during CYP-induction by histopathological aspect was studied.

Place of Study: Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB), The University of Lahore.

Study Design: Observational type of descriptive study

Methods: Total 24 adult healthy male albino rats divided in six groups with four rats in each group (n=4) weighing between 120-200g were contained in Animal House of The University of Lahore and permissible to saline and usual regime with measured settings of temperature 25±2 and regular photoperiod (12 hours dark and light) during the experimentation. Berberis vulgaris root extracts were prepared in 70% ethanol, filtered and concentrated to dry on rotary evaporator at 50°C and Cyclophosphamide was obtained from Pharmedic Laboratories (pvt, limited), with dose of 1000mg/kg and 80mg/kg respectively, prepared in water for injection.

Results: Histological examination of saline treated group showed normal structure while the negative control group showed necrosis of hepatocytes, vacuole generation, marked cellular swelling and presence of inflammatory cells. The rat liver in plant control group A and B showed normal architecture like saline treated control group with blood vessel congestion. Analysis of prophylactic group showed slight presence of hepatocyte necrosis, vacuole generation, and cellular swelling in recovery phase.

Conclusion: Prophylactic group with Berberis vulgaris root extracts 1000 mg/kg exhibited noticeable safety in contradiction of diminished liver functions and toxicity induced by Cyclophosphamide.

Keywords: Berberis vulgaris, Cyclophosphamide, Hepatotoxicity.


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