NailaEhsan, Maryam Shoaib, Rohana Salam, SakinaNaeem, SamiaSaifullah

Efficacy of Vaginal Misoprostol versus Sublingual Misoprostol in the Management of Early Miscarriage

NailaEhsan, Maryam Shoaib, Rohana Salam, SakinaNaeem, SamiaSaifullah



Aim: To compare the effectiveness of vaginal with sublingual misoprostol in the management of early miscarriage.
Study Design: Randomized controlled trial
Place and Duration of Study: Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Unit-I, Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta from 1st February 2018 to 31st July2018.
Methodology: One hundred and eleven patients with clinical diagnosis of missed miscarriage confirmed by ultrasound receiving per vaginal misoprostol (800 µg) were named as group “A” and those receiving sublingual misoprostol were labeled as group ”B”. Clinical outcome was assessed as the complete expulsion of the products of conception either successful or unsuccessful confirmed by a repeat pelvic ultrasound after the treatment.
Results: The mean age of patients in group-A was 25.89±5.7 years and in the group-B was a 26.38±5.5 year. The mean gestational age in group-A was 9.44±1.58 weeks and in group-B was a 9.45±1.52 week. The overall miscarriage rate was 67.5%. 72% of women in group-B and 63% in the group-A had complete miscarriage. The mean induction to expulsion interval was 13.55 hours in group-A and 13.22 hours in group-B. The rate of complete expulsion of products of conception was high in group- A compared to the group- B.
Conclusion: Sublingual misoprostol is as effective as vaginal misoprostol in management of the early miscarriage.
Key words: Miscarriage, Misoprostol, vaginal, sublingual

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