S. Sevil Uludağ-Uyaniker, Tahir Kiliç, Damla Arslan

Frequency of Mutiılatıon of Wrestlers and Reasons

S. Sevil Uludağ-Uyaniker, Tahir Kiliç, Damla Arslan



In the study, it is aimed to investigate the frequency and reasons of sports mutilations in female and male wrestlers of different categories in Turkey. In the study, it is reported that the average age of the athletes (n_150) was 20.05 ± 3.33 years, their average height was 170.23 ± 8.82 cm, and their average weight was 70.82 ± 44.06 kg. Looking at the gender distribution, it was seen that the male participants was 40%(n60), and the female participants was 60%(n90). 54.7% (n82) of the participants study at universities and equivalent schools, 46% of them wrestle for 5 years or more. 75.3% of the participants were exposed to mutilation from the moment they started wrestling, 50.7% reported that the mutilation occurred during technical work, 68% during training and 70.7% during gym training. The proportion of those who think that they will not be able to return to sports is 18.7%, while 56% of the participants feel that they will be better during the treatment. The rate of those who receive support from their environment during the treatment is 81.3%. As a result, it is thought that the mutilations experienced can be a guide for taking necessary measures the implementation of the programs to prevent mutilations at the beginning of the preparatory period within the scope of the preparation period, taking into account the principle of increasing burden, by carrying out more comprehensive studies such as our research results.

Keywords: Wrestle, sports mutilations, categories

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