Jawad Hussain, Muhammad Saqib, Sohailkhan, Fawad Jan, Shahid Marwat, Nadia Khan

Determine Serum Albumin as an Independent Biomarker for Clinical Outcome in Plasmapheresis Treated GBS Patients

Jawad Hussain, Muhammad Saqib, Sohailkhan, Fawad Jan, Shahid Marwat, Nadia Khan



Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the serum albumin as an independent biomarker for clinical outcome in plasmapheresis treated-GBS patients.

Study Design: Descriptive case study

Place and Duration: Conducted at department of Neurology Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad for two years duration from September, 2018to September 2020.

Methods: Total 90 patients of both genders were presented in this study. Patients detailed demographics were recorded after taking written consent age, sex and BMI were recorded after taking informed consent. Patients were equally divided into two groups, group I had 45 patients with low serum albumin and group II had 45 patients with normal serum albumin level. Plasmaphereses sessions were conducted and disability score was calculated among GBS patients. MRC (Medical Research Council) sum score was assessed in follow up of 4 months. Complete data was analyzed by SPSS 24.0 version.

Results: Total 60 patients (30 in each group) were males and 30 (15 in each group) were females. Mean age of the patients in group 34.6±0.63 years in group I and 34.6±0.85 in group II. There was no significant difference in mean BMI among both groups 25.6±4.36 kg/m2. 32 (71.1%) had poor clinically outcome in group I and in group II 23 (51.1%) had poor clinically outcome on the basis of GBS disability score. More chances of having good prognosis were observed in normal albumin levels significantly with p value 0.05.

Conclusion: We concluded in this study that the albumine level in Guillain Barre syndrome patients treated with plasmapheresis as an independent consideration for short to long-term clinical production and forecasting. However, further studies are required to validate the results of this analysis of albumin level for GBS patients as a prognostic biomarker.

Keywords: Serum Albumin level, Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), Plasmapheresis

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