Asim Shafi, Sarzamin, Fazal Hussain, Muhammad Hamayunkhan, Tanvir Ahmad, Khalid Mahmood

Compare the Effectiveness of 5% Phenol Almond Oil Versus Polidocanol Sclerotherapy in Patients with Second Degree Hemorrhoids

Asim Shafi, Sarzamin, Fazal Hussain, Muhammad Hamayunkhan, Tanvir Ahmad, Khalid Mahmood



Objective: The aim of this is to determine the effectiveness of 5% phenol almond oil versus polidocanol sclerotherapy in patients with second degree hemorrhoids. Study Design: Randomizedcontrol trial Place and Duration:Study was conducted at department of Surgery Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College, Multanfor duration of one year i.e from January 2020 to December 2020. Methods: Total 120 patients of both genders were presented in this study. Patients detailed demographics age, sex and body mass index were recorded after taking informed written consent. Patients were equally divided into groups, I and II. All the patients of 2nd degree hemorrhoids were included. Group Ihad 60 patients and received 3% polidocanol sclerotherapy and group II received 5% phenol almond oil. Satisfaction, bleeding, and pain were measured among both groups in follow up of 4 months. Complete data was analyzed by SPSS 24.0 version. Results:Total 80 (66.7%) patients were males (40 in each group) and 40 (33.33%) were females. (20 in each group) Mean age of the patients in group I was 50.4 ± 18.4 years with mean BMI 25.4 ± 17.8 kg/m2 and in group II mean age was 51.4 ± 12.4 years with mean BMI 25.9 ± 21.2 kg/m2. Rectal bleeding was stopped at first sclerotherapy session and its frequency in group I was 63.33% and in group II was 41.7%. And after 2nd session of sclerotherapy, frequency of stopped bleeding in group I was 95% and in group II was 80%. Treatment sessions was greater in almond phenol group II was 2.26±0.22 as compared to group I 1.88±1.94. Volume of sclerotherapy was lower in group I 4.15±1.69 mL and in group II was 5.30±0.78mL. Satisfaction rate was higher in group I 54 (90%) patients as compared to group II 45 (75%) patients. Conclusion: We concluded in this study that used of injected (sclerotherapy session) 3% polidocanol in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids was effective, safe and reliable method as compared to 5% phenol almond oil. Keywords: Phenol, Hemorrhoids, Polidocanol, Sclerotherapy

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