Muhammad Khurram Zia, Yabinda Sehrish, Fatima Abbasi, Sajila Bano, Zakia Nehal, Asif Qureshi

Comparison of Abdominal Binder Use Versus No Abdominal Binder Use After Ventral Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair

Muhammad Khurram Zia, Yabinda Sehrish, Fatima Abbasi, Sajila Bano, Zakia Nehal, Asif Qureshi



Objective: The aim of this study is to compare the outcome of binder use versus no abdominal binder use after ventral abdominal wall hernia repair

Material and methods: Hundred patients were included and underwent ventral hernia repair under general anesthesia. Then patients were randomly divided in two groups. Group A for Abdominal Binder and Group B for without Abdominal Binder by using lottery method. During 8 weeks, patients were followed-up in OPD fortnightly. Patient were evaluated for pain, Pulmonary Function Assessment on spirometer, Physical Function Assessment by 6 minutes’ walk test, Seroma formation assessment, wound infection, wound dehiscence and patients’ satisfaction. Data was analyzed in SPSS version 22

Results: In this study, the mean age of patients was 43.63±7.25years in binder group while 44.24±09.23 years in non-binder group. There were 23 males and 27 females in binder group while 25 males and 25 females in non-binder group. At the end of study, the mean pain score was 0.0±0.0 in binder group while 0.9±0.06 in non-binder group (p<0.05), the mean FEV1 was 91.12±5.93 in binder group while 90.19±14.22 in non-binder group (p>0.05) and the mean 6MWT was 548.94±41.09m in binder group while 508.79±38.93m in non-binder group (p<0.05). Seroma formation occur in 4 (8%) cases in binder group while in 12 (24%) in non-binder group (p<0.05). Wound infection occurred in 2 (4%) in binder group while in 8 (16%) cases of non-binder group (p<0.05) While wound dehiscence was not observed in any case in binder group (0%) but in 3 (6%) cases in non-binder group (p>0.05).

Conclusion: Therefore, the findings of this study have shown that abdominal binder can strengthen the physical condition and treat the wound.

Key words: Ventral hernia, laparotomy, abdominal binder, pain, abdominal wall

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