Halil Tanir



The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between physical activity and the risk of smartphone addiction. The sample of the study consists of 236 (n=113 women and n=123 men) volunteer students studying at Aydin Incirliova Sports High School in the 2020-2021 academic year. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire was used to determine the physical activity levels of the students. Whether there is a risk of smartphone addiction in students was determined with the Smartphone Addiction Scale. The data obtained from the questionnaire applications were evaluated in the SPSS 25.0 package program at a 95% confidence interval and a significance level of 0.05. In the statistical analysis, it was determined that there was a significant difference between male and female students in terms of physical activity level by gender and the risk of smartphone addiction (p>0.05). In addition, a weak negative relationship was found between the physical activity level of students and the risk of smartphone addiction (r=-0.258; p<0.05). Based on the findings of the study, it was concluded that male students had higher physical activity levels than female students, and female students had a higher risk of smartphone addiction. Another result of the study is that the physical activity levels of the students slightly affect the risk of smartphone addiction. For this reason, students should be encouraged to participate in physical activities with their close friends and family members, extracurricular physical activities should be frequently included in schools, and students should be directed to sports branches appropriate to their abilities and interests.

Keywords: Sports high school, Physical activity, Smartphone addiction.

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