Nazmi Bayköse, Çağrı Arı2, Gizem Ceylan2



Objectives: The aim of this study is the determinant role of positive and negative affect, life satisfaction and self-esteem levels of physical activity participants in state mindfulness for physical activity.

Methods: This research was conducted with the participation of a total of 261 (age: 30.74 ± 8.68) volunteers from 141 women and 120 men who regularly practice yoga. In addition, the exercise or physical activity experience of the volunteer participants in the study was 4.34 ± 4.88. In the study, besides the Personal Information form created by the researchers as data collection tools, the Life Satisfaction Scale, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale Panas and the State Mindfulness Scale for Physical Activity were used.

Result and Conclusions: As a result, it can be said that physical activity participants' Positive affect, life satisfaction and self-esteem levels are positively correlated with state mindfulness. At the same time, it can be said that the negative affect of the participants are negatively related to mindfulness.

Key words: Mindfulness, self esteem, life satisfaction, negative affect, positive affect, physical activity

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