Abdullah Doğan



The game Tura, which has an important place in traditional games, takes its name from a short or thick rope, about one or a half meters, called tura, which is used as a game material. One of the most important events of village weddings and special days is the game tura. With this study, it is aimed to find out how many types of tura games are played by researching the tura games traditionally played in Anatolia from the past to the present and to draw attention to these games. In this study, literature review method was used as a method. Domestic and foreign sources and documents on the subject were reviewed. The collected documents were analyzed by document review. Tura games were played under names such as vurma tura, yuvarlak tura, tura, atlı tura, daire tura, kaçma tura, ipli tura, tura kazık, kamçı, katır kazığı, köy göçtü, and depme tura. There were differences in names and rules according to regions in Tura games. As a result of the research, 11 varieties of tura games played in different regions of Turkey were found. It was determined that hit tura, escape tura and whip games are played in the least, and other varieties are not played with the effect of cultural change.

Keywords: Culture, Rope, Traditional Game, Casa History

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