Rashid Qadeer, Darshan Kumar, S M Kashif, Madiha M Ali, M A Shaikh, Zunaira Nawaz, U Shaikh

Knowledge Attitude and Practice of General Population after six Months of Outbreak COVID-19

Rashid Qadeer, Darshan Kumar, S M Kashif, Madiha M Ali, M A Shaikh, Zunaira Nawaz, U Shaikh



Aim: To assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of the general population after six months of outbreak.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted on the general population in the month of July 2020. In which the general population was randomly selected and assessed for knowledge, attitude and practice about COVID19. The questionnaire was designed to avoid any privacy information and all questions were mandatory to answer.

Results: Total of 1200 participants enrolled male 552(46%) and female 648(54%). Age ranges between 20 to 60 years and education status of responders were divided into middle, higher secondary and graduate respectively; they were 192(16%), 420(35%) and 588(49%). Knowledge assessed through symptom & virus transmission questions fever, fatigue and dry cough responded by 768(64%) while rest question knowledge were very poor. Practice questions responses to the virus were very much disturbing and most believe hype created by government and media, admission causes loss of loved ones and doctors are responsible for giving death injections to admitted peoples. Only 768(64%) of respondents regularly sanitize hands and wash with soap.

Conclusion: Response to the question in KAP study was very poor despite six month had been passed in outbreak, yet it is necessary to improve the knowledge by arranging online seminars, media talk and strong awareness campaign required to improve knowledge & motivate their attitude toward virus which will resulting good practice to avoid further transmission of infection.

Keywords: Knowledge, attitude, practice, Covid 19, outbreak.

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