Tarik Erdem, Mehmet Özdemir, Halil Tanir



The aim of this study is to determine the methods and effects of weight loss in wrestlers participating in the Senior Women's Turkish championship. The sample of the study consists of 98 volunteer female wrestlers who participated in the Senior Women's Turkish Wrestling Championship held in 2019. "Athlete Weight Loss Methods and Effects Scale" was used to determine the weight loss methods preferred by women wrestlers who constitute the sample of the study and their effects. The data obtained from the scale applications were evaluated in the SPSS 25.0 package program at 95% confidence interval and 0.05 error level. In statistical analysis, the arithmetic mean of the diet sub-dimension of the scale was calculated as Mean=9.255, arithmetic mean of the fluid loss subdimension as Mean=6.581, arithmetic mean of the ergogenic help sub-dimension as Mean=4.510, arithmetic mean of physiological impact sub-dimension as Mean=11.061 and the arithmetic mean of psychological impact sub-dimension as Mean=12.724. In addition, no statistically significant difference was found between women wrestlers who competed in light, middle and heavy weights in terms of weight loss (p>0.05). In line with the findings of the study, it was concluded that the most preferred method of weight loss by female wrestlers before competitions was diet, and the least preferred method was ergogenic aids. It was determined that the methods women wrestlers preferred to lose weight before the competition caused psychological and physiological problems. In the study, it was determined that the weight loss rates of women wrestlers competing in light, middle and heavyweight before the competition were similar. In line with the results obtained in the study, it can be said that weight loss before the competitions should be achieved in the long term with a balanced diet under the supervision of an expert. Thus, it is predicted that it will be possible to be protected from the psychological and physiological negative effects caused by rapid weight loss before the competition.

Key Words: Wrestling, Female wrestler, Weight loss

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