Nousheen Memon, Raheela Rani Junejo, Nazia Memon, Abdul Ghaffar Dars, Ali Faraz Shaikh

Feto-maternal outcome among women presented with diabetes at tertiary care Hospital

Nousheen Memon, Raheela Rani Junejo, Nazia Memon, Abdul Ghaffar Dars, Ali Faraz Shaikh



Objective: To determine the feto-maternal outcome among women presented with pre-existing diabetes and gestational diabetes mellitus at tertiary care Hospital.

Material and methods: This was a cross-sectional study and conducted at gynae department of LUMHS. Duration was 6 months from June 2019 to December 2019. Women presented with gestational diabetes (GDM) and pre-existing diabetes (type I, type II) and those who underwent delivery were included. Data regarding feto-maternal outcome was recorded in self-made proforma and SPSS version 22 was used for analysis.

Results: Total 117 patients were studies, their mean age was 29.79+4.31 years and mean gestational age was 34.48+3.52 weeks. Most of the cases 93(79.5%) had gestational diabetes, followed by pre-existing diabetes mellitus type II was 21(17.9%) and type I was 03(2.6%). As per maternal complications pre-eclampsia was 56.4%, hypoglycemia was 79.5%, neuropathy 5.6%, neuropathy 05.1% and retinopathy was in 05.1% cases, while Polyhydramnios was observed in 30.8% of cases. As per neonatal complications preterm deliveries were 28.2%, neonatal hypoglycemia was 17.9%, congenital abnormalities were in only 3 cases, low birth weight was observed in 46.2% cases and 3 neonates were macrosomic. Low Apgar score <7 for 1 minute was in 35.7% cases and Apgar score > was observed in 64.1% neonates. Feto-maternal outcome was statistically insignificant as per GDM and pre-existing diabetes; p-values were quite insignificant.

Conclusions: It was concluded that hypoglycemia, GDM and pre-existing diabetes were found to be insignificantly associated with maternal and fetal outcome. Pre-eclampsia, hypoglycemia and Polyhydramnios were the commonest maternal complications and preterm deliveries, hypoglycemia, low birth weight and Apgar score <7 at 5 minutes were the commonest neonatal complications.

Key words: DM type I, DM type II, GDM, feto-maternal outcome

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