Varol Tutal, Mehmet Efe



The aim of this study is to determine whether there is a difference in tactical skills of soccer players according to the variables of sportsmanship level and position. For this purpose, 324 male soccer players with different sportsmanship levels participated in the study voluntarily. In the study, "Personal Information Form" and "Tactical Skills in Sports Inventory" created by the researchers were used as data collection tools. In the statistical analysis, first the Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficient of the inventory was examined, and the coefficient was found as .93. In determining the analyses to be performed after this stage, the skewness and kurtosis values of the inventory sub-dimensions were examined, and a normal distribution was found. Accordingly, a one-way ANOVA analysis was completed for the variables of position and sportsmanship level, and on the results found in the analysis a post-hoc Tukey analysis was completed to determine the differences. Additionally, a Pearson correlation analysis was performed to determine the relationship between the variables. When the results obtained within the scope of the study were examined, it was determined that there were significant differences between the groups according to the position and sportsmanship levels of the soccer players. When the results of the age variable were examined, positive significant relationships between the inventory sub-dimensions were found. Thus, it can be said that the variables considered within the scope of the research are effective on tactical skills.

Keywords: Soccer, Tactical Skills, Position, Level of Sportsmanship

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