Mehmet Söyler, Ahmet Çinar, Gökhan Deliceoğlu, Taner Koçbay



Aim: The purpose of the research is to examine; high intensity resistance training in the speleotherapy (salt cave) environment which has an effect on body composition, punch speed, jump, reaction time, hand grip strength, VO2 max and balance parameter abilities in elite boxers.

Material: Research in Turkey championship in the National team selected and 12 male boxers Olympic in the National team preparing for the 2021 Olympics in a different weight class categories (X̅age = 22.082.10 years, X̅height = 181.618.65 cm, X̅bmi of = 31.3915.81 kg / m2, X̅weıght = 82.3118.55 kg) participated in the study voluntarily. In an area created with resistance training equipment in the Salt Cave in Çankiri, the training consisting of 8 functional movements, divided into 2 sections prepared by the researchers conducting the study, for the Boxing National team before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, for 12 days, 3 days a week between 10:00-12:00 has been applied. SPSS 22.0 package program was used for statistic analysis. T-test was applied for related samples of the difference between parameters obtained from the research group. It was determined at p<0.05 level of meaningfulness.

Results: As a result, it has been observed that high-intensity resistance training applied to elite boxers in the Salt cave environment has a positive effect on punch speed, jump, reaction, VO2 max and balance parameter abilities.

Keywords: Sportive Performance, salt cave, physical-physiological tests

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