Ullya Tariq, Harris Tiwana, Anam Fayyaz Bashir, Saima Razzaq Khan

Perception of Midline Diastema and Lateral Diastema among Pakistani Dentists and Laypeople

Ullya Tariq, Harris Tiwana, Anam Fayyaz Bashir, Saima Razzaq Khan



Background: The manner in which dentists and laypersons perceive a particular smile varies drastically. Observation relies on their awareness of dental anomalies and the influence of culture as well.

Aim: To observe the perception of midline diastema and lateral diastema in dentists

Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out on the population of Lahore city from 5th December 2019 to 4th March 2020. 406 questionnaires were submitted amongst dental, medical students and graduates of Lahore Medical and Dental College, housewives, school teachers, engineers and others (including charted accountant, army officers, businessmen, and journalist). Participants were selected randomly using convenient sampling technique. Questionnaires consisting of demographic data and manipulated images of midline and lateral diastemata, were filled after the informed consents were signed. 392 completed forms were returned. Chi-square test was done for proportionate variables to determine statistical significance.

Results: 170 (43.4%) respondents were dental surgeons and 222 (56.7%) were laypersons. 364 participants (92.9%) chose 0mm medial diastema whereas 304 (77.6%) chose 0mm lateral diastema. Most preferred smile was the one with no space or with little space that was 1.5 mm in case of midline diastema while for lateral diastema no space was favored the most followed by diastema on the distal side of the lateral incisors.

Conclusion: Perception of esthetics for every individual is different with some preferring smile with diastema while majority preferred smile no space irrespective of the location that is midline or lateral.

MeSH words: Diastema, Perception, Dental Esthetics, Dentists

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