Shabeeta Bai, Muhammad Shahid Ghaffar, Abdul Hafeez, Ejaz ur Rehman, Asma Naz

Complications of Measles in Malnourished Children

Shabeeta Bai, Muhammad Shahid Ghaffar, Abdul Hafeez, Ejaz ur Rehman, Asma Naz



 Background: Measles is strongly linked with several complications and with elevated mortality rates. The leading mortality and morbidity causing complication includes the otitis media, broncho-pneumonia, croup, diarrhea and encephalitis.

Aim: To assess the complication related to measles among children who were malnourished.

Methodology: The study opted an observational cross-sectional design. The entire study population was children having measles visiting the outpatient department at National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Karachi from April 2018 to September 2018. The children were assessed through various clinical and laboratory tests. A sample size of total 71 children was suggested for the current study. Out of the total only 10 children were rejected due to uncomplete responses to the proforma or due to the unwillingness. Hence, a total of 61 respondents amply responded to the proforma and were included in the study. The data analysis was performed later using a statistical computer program named SPSS version 21.0.

Results: A total of 61 children were analyzed in this study. The average age of the children was 1.1±0.9 years. 31(50.8%) of the children were below one year, 21(34.4%) were between the range of 1 to 5, 7(11.5%) were between 6-10 and 2(3.3%) were above ten years of age. Among all children, 38(62.3%) were boys and remaining 23(37.7%) were females. Only 4(6.6%) of the children were reported with weight loss, 21 (34.4%) with diarrhea, 14(23%) were vomiting, and only 2 were presented with fits.

Conclusion: It is concluded from the study that the leading measles complications among malnourished children were reported to be as pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection and gastroenteritis.

Keywords: Conjunctivitis; Measles; Morbillivirus; Malnourished children; Pneumonia

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