Nouman Bhutta, Umber Naeem Rathore, Shomaila Irim



Objective: To find out the frequency of hypoalbuminemia and mortality rate in cases of acute ischemic stroke.

Material and methods: Between April 2020 to October 2020, total 180 patients of acute ischemic stroke, age between 40-60 years of both gender were selected from Department of Medicine, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.  Type of study was cross sectional. Hypoalbuminemia and mortality rate was assessed.

Results: In present study, mean age of the patients was 49.78 ± 4.43 years.   Out of 180 patients of acute ischemic stroke, hypoalbuminemia was found in 68 (38%) patients. Mortality rate was 10 (26%) and rest of the patients were alive. Hypoalbuminemia was found in 28 (28.28%) patients and 40 (49.38%) patients respectively in age groups 40-50 years and 51-60 years.  Association of hypoalbuminemia with age group was significant (P = 0.005).

Conclusion: Results of this study showed a higher rate of hypoalbuminemia and mortality in cases of acute ischemic stroke.  Hypoalbuminemia was more common in 5th decade and significant association of hypoalbuminemia with age was noted.  Most of the stroke patients were male and hypoalbuminemia was also common in male patients. Significant association of hypoalbuminemia with diabetes mellitus was observed.

Keywords:  Hypoalbuminemia, stroke, ischemic stroke, mortality

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