Zoobia Irum, Fariha Ahmad Khan, Fouzia Parveen, Farhana Yasmin Bhatti, Amer Hassan Siddique, Zujaja Zaheer

Ficus Carica Reduces Serum Uric Acid Level in Hyperuricemic Rats

Zoobia Irum, Fariha Ahmad Khan, Fouzia Parveen, Farhana Yasmin Bhatti, Amer Hassan Siddique, Zujaja Zaheer



Background: Ficus carica has been broadly used as traditional medicine around the world. Less toxicity of this plant represent its possible uses as therapeutic remedy for several disorders. In folk medicine, Ficus carica fruit has been used to treat hyperuricemia and associated conditions like gout and renal stones. However, no scientific work has been done so far to observe these effects.

Aim and Objective: To assess that Ficus carica (Fig fruit) extract can lessen the elevated blood levels of uric acid in hyperuricemia induced by potassium oxonate in rats.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out at the Pharmacology Department of Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lahore and completed in six months.

Methods: Thirty-six rats were divided randomly into six groups. Group A was the negative control. Group B was the positive control and rats in this group were given potassium oxonate intraperitoneally (250 mg/kg) to induce hyperuricemia. Group C received potassium oxonate and allopurinol (5mg/kg) also. Group D, E, & F received potassium oxonate and Ficus carica in three different doses low (250mg/kg), medium (500 mg/kg), and high (750 mg/kg) respectively. In all groups, potassium oxonate was administered on days one, three and seven while test agents were administered for seven consecutive days. Sampling was done on day zero, one, three and seven.

Results: In experimental animals, Ficus carica fruit extract decreased serum levels of uric acid in dose dependent manner. It reduced uric acid levels significantly (p value < 0.001) in medium and high dose extract groups as compared to hyperuricemic control group. Serum uric acid levels in medium dose group E (2.8 + 0.54) and low dose group F (2.5 + 0.31) were comparable to that of allopurinol group C (2.2 + 0.27) though this effect was observed earlier in allopurinol group C indicating quicker onset of allopurinol action.

Conclusion: Fiscus carica features antihyperuricemic effects. It resulted in significant decrease in levels of uric acid in serum of the extract treated animals in doses of 500mg/kg and 750mg/kg.

Keywords: Ficus carica, Hyperuricemia, Potassium oxonate, Serum uric acid (SUA), Xanthine Oxidase.

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