Farah Sadiq, Shayan Nawaz, Amelia Abid, Kashif Auob, Fatima Riaz



Background: Covid 19 infection is spreading like a wild fire world wide. More worrisome thing is that it has spread in health workers too which are the sole care takers of affected patients, despite of  use of personal protective equipments and  taking other precautions.

Aim: To conduct a study at local level to see causes of high frequency of Covid 19 infection in health care workers.

Methods: We conducted a cross sectional observational study in which we enrolled  195 doctors, nurses and paramedics from different hospitals of punjab ,who were affected from covid 19 infection and gave them a questionnaire to fill regarding use of mask,  (surgical, cloth, n=95)/duration of its use, use of surgical cap, goggles, soap or hand sanitizer use/frequency, technique of donning/doffing of PPE etc,to find out that where is the fault.

Results: Out of total 195 participants 148 were doctors from various specialties, departments and with different work experience.47 were nurses and other paramedical staff including lab workers, pharmacists, ward boys and others.  Out of 195 participants 42(21.5%) did not use PPE (cover-all with surgical apron, mask KN-95 or N-95, goggles/face shield) whereas 153(78.5%) used it.

Conclusion: We concluded at the end of our study that improper doffing techniques, overuse of masks for more than 3 days,and infrequent hand washing may be the reasons for increased rate of infection and need to be dealt promptly.

Keywords:  Covid 19 infection, health care workers, high frequency of infection

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