Umar Saeed

The smog in Lahore

Umar Saeed


The air pollution level in Lahore is considered to be among the unhealthiest, worldwide, with average concentration of pollutants estimated to be 150.7ug/m3. Lahore continues to rank the highest as per LIVE AQI INDEX.

According to ‘IQAir’, which is a reliable global think tank, the ‘Real-time Air Quality Index’ (AQI) the smog level in Lahore levels to 604, with maximally touching the 630 mark. IN the same lines, the Daily News International reported on December 12th 2021, that Lahore has the world’s worst air quality despite closure of the schools and offices on specific week days. It further states that the Punjab Government seems to be helpless in controlling the smog in Lahore.

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