Munawar Afzal, Shumaila Yasin, Ammara Sadaf, Sabeena Umer, Shazia Roman, Faiza Irshad

Vaginal Inflammation due to overgrowth of naturally occurring flora in healthy and sexually active women of reproductive age

Munawar Afzal, Shumaila Yasin, Ammara Sadaf, Sabeena Umer, Shazia Roman, Faiza Irshad




Background: Females frequently experience vaginal discharge. A vaginal imbalance can result in bacterial overgrowth and discharge from the vaginal area. Despite extensive knowledge of the illness, it primarily affects women who are sexually active. Bacterial vaginitis is a kind of vaginal infection (BV). Several species of Gardnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, Mobiluncus species, Bacteroides spp., Prevotela spp., Peptostreptococcus spp., Fusobacterium spp., and Porphyromonas species have taken the place of the vaginal lactobacillus species in this study.

Aim: We were interested in seeing how many sexually active ladies with vaginal discharge presented to emergency department.

Methods: The participants in the trial were 88 women of reproductive age who complained of profuse vaginal discharge. Women who are married, women who have skin disorders, and women who have reached menopause are forbidden from participating. Normal Trichomonads were discovered on wet-mount slides made of saline. A grame coloured smear of blood Nugent classification was utilised in the scoring. Pseudohyphae and/or budding yeast cells are used to test for Candida albicans infection.

Results: The average age was 30 years old. The most prevalent reason for this was vaginosis (29.54%).Trichomonas (1.13%%) and candidiasis (10.22%) are the most common pathogens. There is no reason for vaginal discharge. It is possible that almost half of the ladies will be fired. Infected as opposed to reactive. TPHA and VDRL are two acronyms that stand for Transparency, Transparency, and Reliability.

Conclusion: It is also necessary to upgrade the laboratory services network in order to supply accurate data. More cases of bacterial vaginosis were discovered as a result of the investigation. An STD, RTI, VDRL, and HIV positive individuals were all shown to be substantially associated.

Keywords: Vaginal discharge, sexually active females, intrauterine contraceptive device

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