Muhammad Rizwan, Iqra Shabbir, Amina Anwar, Amna Anwar, Bisma Tul Zahra, Ahmad Mehroz

Musculoskeletal Symptoms and its Associated Factors among Post Covid-19 hospitalized patients

Muhammad Rizwan, Iqra Shabbir, Amina Anwar, Amna Anwar, Bisma Tul Zahra, Ahmad Mehroz



Background: COVID-19 also called SARS-COVID-19 infects the respiratory system and affects multiple organ systems directly or indirectly, counting the musculoskeletal system. Individuals who are infected with COVID-19 indicate numerous musculoskeletal symptoms including myalgia, fatigue, osteoporosis, and osteonecrosis was communal in patients with moderate to severe intensity of disease.

Aim: To discover the prevalence of MSK symptoms in COVID-19 recovered patients who were hospitalized and the association between these MSK symptoms and associated factors.

Method: A descriptive type of cross-sectional study directed with 452 patients. Non-probability convenient sampling technique was used to select patients. Data was collected from patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 test and received medical treatment, then had negative test results, presented with musculoskeletal symptoms within age range of 20-60 years.

Results: Among 452 patients, with 294 (65%) of male and 158 (35%) were females and the mean age of the patients were 25 years. The data revealed 167 (36.95%) complained of pain in neck and 269 (59.51%) complained of shoulder pain, with 175 (38.71%) patients who had upper back ache after COVID-19, 188 (41.59%) had low back pain, 156 (35%) had pain in buttocks, thighs and hip, 166 (37%) had pain in thighs and feet.

Conclusion: Our study concluded that COVID-19 was a significant cause of musculoskeletal impairments in COVID-19 recovered patients. The results of study exposed a significant association between different factors which would be cooperative in future for further researches.  

Keywords (Mesh): COVID-19, Musculoskeletal symptoms, Associated factors.

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