Said Ayaz, Syed Sajid Munir, Samiullah, Maimoona Saeed

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Frequency Of Common CT Scan Findings In Children With Tuberculous Meningitis

Said Ayaz, Syed Sajid Munir, Samiullah, Maimoona Saeed



Aim: To determine the frequency of common CT scan findings in children with Tuberculous meningitis

Setting: Department of Pediatrics, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar.

Study design: descriptive cross-sectional study.

Duration: 6 months (3/7/2015 to 3/1/2016)
Methodology: In this study, 178 patients were selected. Non probability sampling technique was used for sample collection.

Results: In this study, mean age was 9 years with SD ± 2.54. 55% patients were male and 45% patients were female. Common CT scan findings among 178 patients were analyzed. 40% patients had hydrocephalous, 72% patients had meningeal enhancement, 3% patients had infraction, 5% patients had tuberculoma.

Conclusion: Most common CT scan findings of Tuberculosis meningitis in children were meningeal enhancement 72% followed by hydrocephalous 40%.

Keywords: hyponatremia, tuberculous meningitis

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