Saadia Ata. Asim Riaz, Muhammad Azeem, Anam Aziz, Usman Zaheer, Yaser Ishaq

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Determination of Mandibular Symphysis Width in Skeletal Class I Patients with Different Vertical Patterns

Saadia Ata. Asim Riaz, Muhammad Azeem, Anam Aziz, Usman Zaheer, Yaser Ishaq



Symphysis is an anatomical part of mandible that includes lower incisors and anterior chin. Mandibular symphysis is a contributing factor of facial harmony for esthetics and is a determinant for lower incisor position in orthodontic treatment planning for border line cases. This cross-sectional study was carried out in Orthodontics department, Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry Lahore on a sample size of 90 cases using 95% confidence level. Non probability consecutive sampling technique was used. Symphyseal dimensions were measured on lateral cephalogram. Data collected was entered and analyzed in computer program SPSS version 20. Quantitative outcomes like symphysis dimensions, symphysis width, vertical pattern, and ANB were subjected to ANOVA of significance. Independent T-test was used to make the comparison between males and females on the basis of variables. Results of this study suggested thatC-C’ varies significantly between males and females, whereas the differences in symphysis width LA, and LP between males & females are statistically insignificant (P>0.05). Bone anterior to lower incisor apex varies significantly among various facial profiles with hypo divergent males exhibiting wider chin than normo divergent and hyper divergent subjects. Sexual dimorphism in symphysis width was seen among genders.

Keywords: Facial harmony, lower incisor position.

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