Qudsia Umaira Khan, Hameyl Tahir, Abdur Rafae Ahmad
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Background: The study of physiology is an essential part of the medical school curriculum. Medical teachers have identified the preference for a specific mode of content delivery to communicate knowledge to students in a rational, strategic, coherent, and sequential manner. In comparison to the focus on systems-based didactic lectures, more emphasis is now put on the developing critical thinking skills. Physiology is widely acknowledged as a difficult subject for medical students to grasp, incorporate, and apply in clinical sciences.

Aim: To learn about students’ perceptions of teaching, learning, and assessment approaches used in the physiology.

Method A quantitative cross-sectional survey was conducted online on 533 medical students from first to final year and also post grate students. After the approval of Ethical review committee, a questionnaire to determine the various aspects of Physiology as a subject being taught. The survey was conducted online via “Google forms''. Participants answered anonymously with informed consent, and the survey was conducted for a period of two months. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 23.

Results: A total number of 533 students participated in this research and responding to Physiology learning and teaching. When students were asked about that which subject is most interesting in first Year MBBS, majority of the students that is 46.2% of the responses claimed that Physiology is the most interesting subject. 33.6% students were from 1st Year. 9.2% students were Postgraduates. 63.4% of the students preferred studying physiology from Guyton and Hall as reference book for Physiology. Majority of students that is 25.5% of the students found Blood Physiology to be the most interesting. Whereas 19.8% found Heart or Cardio Vascular System Physiology as the most interesting subject.15.6% found cell and nerve muscle as an interesting topic in Physiology.9.6% found Endocrinology and reproduction physiology as interesting as compared to 7.7% who found central Nervous system Physiology interesting. 43.9% of the students responded that they perfeer face to face interactive lectures.23.3% of the students perfered small group discussion.10.9% students prefered learing by tutorilas.Interestingly, 20.4% of the participants replied that they would definitely pursue physiology as their career.

Conclusion: Physiology is the most interesting subject preferred by majority of students.

Keywords: Perception, learning methodologies, medical students

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