October 2021

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Vol. 15, Issue 10, October 2021
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Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practical Implementation of Bioethical Principles among Dental Professionals

Wajiha Alamgir, Aroosa Ashraf, Rabia Naseer, Shanzay Tariq, Faheem Abrar, Salman Rashid


Frequency of Cervical Cancer in Women Attending Gynae OPD with Complaint of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Mahwish Shah, Aruna Kumari Hira, Urooj Naz, Sheena, Sana Shahmir, Mehwish Younus, Anam Rasheed


Immunohistochemical Expression of Alpha (Α) A Crystallin in Senile Degenerative and Non-Cataract Lenses

Shabnam Khan, Bushra Wasim Khan, Madeeha Sadiq, Fawad Rizvi, Faraz Ahmed Baig, Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui


Correlation of Dysmenorrhea and Lower Back Pain among Young Female Students - A Cross-Sectional Study

Wajeeha Wahid, Muhammad Asif, Jansher Mansoori, Muhammad Hussain Iqbal, Fariha Khalid


Outcome of Alvarado scoring system in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis at a tertiary care teaching hospital

Afza Saleem, Zahra Ali, Wasif Majeed Chaudhry, Aruj Alam, Muhammad Shoaib, Zahid Mahmood


Antibiotics Prescription Patterns among Dentists in Lahore, Pakistan

Saood Khan Lodhi, Saroosh Ehsan, Malik Ali Hassan Sajid, Adeela Rafique, Mehak Fatima Khan


Analysis of related factors of transient hypothyroidism in premature infants

Gao Ke, Syed Haider Abbas, Ali Faheem, Muhammad Zeeshan, Rizwan Masud, Muhammad Akram, Syed Muhammad Ahsan Raza


Assessing relationship between lip prints, finger prints and different blood groups within the population of Karachi

Beenish Fatima Alam,, Madiha Anwar, Kawish Syed, Tabassum Ahsan, Sikandar Javed Bajwa, Talib Hussain, Saqib Ali


Immunoexpression of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Histopathological tissue samples of oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Fiza Shafiq, Abbas Saleem Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, Malik Arshman Khan, Sikandar Javed Bajwa, Talib Hussain


Electrolyte Imbalances in Malnourished Under-5 Children with or without Diarrhoea

Ghulam Shabir Laghari, Abdul Hameed Radhan, Saeed Ahmed Shaikh, Noor ud Din Khatti, Zamir Ahmed Qambrani, Khuda B. Khoso


Effectiveness of Valsartan in Obese Versus Non-Obese Type 2 Diabetic patients presented with microalbuminuria

Muhammad Kashif Khan, Shakeel Khan, Ahmad Shamim Khan, Khawar Sultan, Armughan Ahmad, Usman Khalid


Diagnostic Accuracy of Different Histological Stains for Helicobacter Pylori Detection, taking Immunohistochemistry as Gold Standard

Atiya Batool Gardezi, Haseeb Ahmed Khan, Sabiha Riaz, Sadia Alam, Mariya Manzoor, Adeel Haider Tirmazi


Denture Hygiene Habits among Elderly Patients Wearing Complete Dentures

Syed Abdul Rauf Shah, Shabana Tanveer, Bilal Zaman Babar, Malik Arshman Khan, Sikandar J. Bajwa, Salvan G., Maryam Khurshid



Determine the Effect of Immunosuppressant on follicular regulatory T-cells in kidney transplant patients

Mujtaba Ali Hasnain, Samrah Mujtaba, Iqra Javed, Misbah, Muhammad Shahzad Gul, Abdul Ghaffar


Effects Supervised Versus Home-Based Rehabilitation on Functional Outcome after Surgical Fixation

Haroon-ur-Rehman Gillani, Muhammad Umar Habib, Danish Hassan, Syed Muhammad Shah


Prevalence of Refractive Errors and their Underlying Factors amongst students of Islam Medical College, Sialkot

Farwa Tahir, Ifra Tahir, Fatawal Tahir, Muhammad Tariq Bangash, Rozina Shahadat Khan


Comparison of Antibiotic treatment and Appendectomy for non-complicated Acute Appendicitis during Covid-19 pandemic

M. Waseem Anwar, M. Faheem Anwer, Wasif Majeed Chaudhry, Farhana Anwar, M. Usman Aslam, Rashid Usman, Fizza Anwar


Delayed Awakening after use of Dexmedetomidine

Mamoona Shaikh, Jamil Ahmed, Juwereya Memon, Kauser Shaikh, Shahid Khan, Ghulam Nabi Mmeon


Sonographic Association of Placenta Accreta Spectrum In Patients of Placenta Previa - A Systematic Review

Maida Saadat, Muhammad Nawaz Anjum, Faiza Farooq, Rehan Aslam Gill, Abeer Yasin, Rabia Tariq


Clinical study of Evaluation of the Effect of Tranexamic Acid in Primary Cleft Palate Surgery in Children

Mufassar Nishat, Sohail Iqbal, Armaghan Ahmed, Shoaib Younas, Liaqat Ali Deokah, Zakariya Rashid


Incidence of various dental anomalies in population of Taxilla, Pakistan

Saman Malik, Faiqa Hassan, Muhammad Farooq, Usman ul Haq, Amna Faisal, Saqib Ghafoor Kayani


The Outcome Comparison of two Groups of total Extraperitoneal and Mesh Repair of Inguinal Hernia

Muhammad Aamir Jamil, Muhammad Asif, Imran Yousaf, Muhammad Faheem Anwer, Muhammad Waseem Anwar


To Observe the Treatment Outcomes of Duodenal Injury in Penetrating and Blunt Trauma Patients

Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Aamir Jamil, Imran Yousaf, Muhammad Faheem Anwer, Muhammad Waseem Anwar


Study of Association of Demographic Variables with Types of Burns Presenting in a Tertiary Care Medicolegal Clinic

Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Zia ul Haq, Javaid Munir, Muhammad Anwar Sibtain Fazli, Fakhar uz Zaman


Comparison of Empirical Treatment Versus Advanced Medical Care in Treatment of Burns of Domestic Violence

Sauda usmani, Javaid Munir, Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Tariq Abassi, Zia ul Haq, Fakhar uz Zaman


Study of Age and Gender Predilections amongst the Victims of Burns of Domestic Violence

Javaid Munir, Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Zia ul Haq, Muhammad Anwar Sibtain Fazli, Fakhar uz Zaman


Statistical Study of Self Medication with OTC and Antibiotics in three major cities of Pakistan

Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Muhammad Shahid Javed, Shazana Rana, Yasir Mehmood, Mudassar Ali Roomi, Asma Inam, Hammad Yousaf


Assessment of Gap Between Knowledge and Practice of PPES among Healthcare Professionals During Covid-19”

Rizwan Sadiq, Fazal Wadood, Muhammad Faizan, Muhammad Abubakar, Naimal Fatima, Hafiz Abdul Haseeb


Comparison of Endoscopic Activity before and during the Covid Pandemic at a Tertiary Care Hospital in South Punjab

Farooq Mohyud Din Chaudhary, Muhammad Asif Gul, Nouman Hameed, Rizwan Hameed, Yasir Zaidi, Shehryar Kanju, Ahsan Tameez-ud-Din, Syeda Manal Altaf, Asma Tameez ud Din


Frequency of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Shazia Jamil, Naveed Mahmood, Israr-ul-Haque, Rabiah Haque, Muhammad Imran-ul-Hasan, Maheen Anwaar


Comparison of Efficacy of Ondansetron Pre-treatment in Alleviating Pain due to Propofol during General Anaesthesia with Placebo

Haneen Zahra, Abdul Bary, Tahir Nazeer, Saira Naseem, Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Riaz Hussain, Amna Tahir


The Common Indications of Pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) for posterior Segment Ocular diseases in patients from a Private Retina Clinic

Sidrah Riaz, Umair Tariq Mirza, Kashif Iqbal, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Khurram Azam Mirza, Junaid Hanif


Frequency of Helicobacter Pylori in Patients with Dyspepsia in Civil Hospital, Khairpur

Shehzad Tariq, Farukh Imtiaz, Bakhtiar Ahmed, Sarmad Saeed, Inam Ali Larik, M. Ashraf Sial


Association of Blood Groups with Oral Submucous Fibrosis and if any of the Blood Group is Related with an Increased Risk for Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Sobia Siddique, Syed Muhammad Razi Zaidi, Shahida Maqbool, Madiha Insha, Muhammad Abul Hasan Ali, Arooj Khurshid


Cardiomyopathy in Cirrhotic Patients and Its Relationship with the Severity of Cirrhosis

Saira Khalid, Nasir Shah, Yasir Abbas Zaidi, Muhammad Saleem Hasan, Saqib Jahangir, Sana Rehman



Clinical Profile and Etiological Agents Involved in Pediatric Infective Endocarditis

Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Naveed, Fazal ur Rehman, Khurram Shahnawaz, Farhan Zahoor, Bushra Madni


Evaluation of Serum Lipid Profile in Patients Suffering from Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Sobia Siddique, Asra Afzal, Muhammad Abul Hasan Ali, Arooj Khurshid, Shahida Maqbool, Madiha Insha


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