Sana Pervez, Syed Sajid Munir, Maimoona Saeed

Incidence of Celiac Disease in Children with Down’s Syndrome

Sana Pervez, Syed Sajid Munir, Maimoona Saeed



Aim: Incidence of celiac disease among children with down’s syndrome

Setting: Pediatrics department, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar

Study design: Cross sectional study

Study duration: 20/7/2019 to 20/1/2020

Methodology: A total of 241 subjects were selected. Five ml of venous blood was obtained from all patients to detect the Anti-tTG Ab. Among those patients who are positive for the antibody, endoscopy and biopsy specimen from duodenum were sent to hospital laboratory to confirm the presence of villus atrophy.

Results: Mean age was 8 ± 4.57. 44% children were male and 56% children were female. More over 4% children had celiac disease and 96% children didn’t have celiac disease. 

Conclusion: The frequency of celiac disease was 4% among children presenting with Down syndrome.

Keywords: Celiac disease, Down’s syndrome.

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