Rabiah Mahwish, Muhammad Atif Gul, Maria Qibtia, Muhammad Aslam Bajwa

Morbidity patterns and provision of workplace safety among industrial workers

Rabiah Mahwish, Muhammad Atif Gul, Maria Qibtia, Muhammad Aslam Bajwa



Background: Occupational injuries are among the ten most common reasons of illness and death. In Pakistan, the circumstances are very grave like many other developing countries. So, it was inevitable to carry a study among industrial workers.

Aims: To determine the morbidity patterns, socio-demographic determinants and to provide safe workplace environment to the industrial patients admitted in the Social Security Hospital, Lahore.

Method: Cross sectional survey among industrial workers was conducted at Social Security hospital, Lahore. Total size of the sample was 385 which was distributed equivalently among all the indoor units of hospital. A structured questionnaire was administered, and data was analyzed using SPSS version 23. For quantitative variables like age, mean and standard deviation and for qualitative variables frequency and percentage was calculated. Chi square was applied among qualitative variables. Data was presented in the form of tables and bar graphs.

Results: Mean +/- SD age was 32 +/- 7.5 years: 118(30%) of the sample was between 26-30 years. Majority of the patients, 366(95%), were men and 258(67%) were married. Majority of the sample, 158(41%), were illiterate. 318(83%) of the sampled patients were workers/laborers, 25(7%) had administrative duties, 17(4%) were working in office and 13(4%) skillful laborers. The incidence of injuries and accidents was remarkably high among the laborers 96(25%) followed by Gastroenteritis 50(13%), fever 50(13%) and cough & respiratory tract infections 38(10%). 298(77%) stated that most of these incidences were not reported at their workplace, 309(80%) were not using any personal protective equipment.

Conclusion: Majority of the industrial patients were admitted due to accidents and injuries at their workplaces. Majority of them were young adults, married males. Unskilled labor was largely uneducated. Safety practices at workplace of the respondents were very poor.

Keywords: morbidity patterns, industrial workers, social security hospital, personal protective equipment.

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