Uneeba Syed, Amna Rizvi, Syed Arsalan Hassan, Unaiza Syed, Ifrah Syed

Frequency of Covid Outcome in Covid Patients with Pre-Existing Different Co-Morbid Conditions

Uneeba Syed, Amna Rizvi, Syed Arsalan Hassan, Unaiza Syed, Ifrah Syed



Background: Unexpectedly and unfortunately the end of the year 2019 has proved to be the start of a deadliest era of Coronavirus disease 19. Spread of this lethal disease has remained uninhibited so far. How rapidly it has wrapped up the whole world is dangerously alarming.

Aim: To determine frequency of Covid outcome in Covid patients with preexisting different co-morbid conditions.

Methods: This descriptive study was conducted from July 2020 to January 2021 in two tertiary care hospital i.e. Services hospital, Lahore (Punjab) and hospital, Quetta (Baluchistan). After ethical approval and informed consent from the patients, data from PCR positive patients was recorded. The demographic parameters, travel or exposure history, duration of stay in the hospital and co morbidities including diabetes, hypertension, stroke and ischemic heart diseases of the patients were collected.

Results: In our study, total 124 patients including 84(67.7%) male and 40(32.3%) female. The mean ages was 41.29±20.21 years, mean weight and height 83.46±15.1, 174.2±8.31. 82%patients were discharged, and 42%patients suffered death. Among the patients included in this study, 51(%) patients presented with diabetes, 55(%) patients presented with hypertension, 52% had ischemic heart diseases and 1.6% had stroke.

Conclusion: The conclusion of this study, there is a significant impact of pre-existing co-morbidities on Covid outcomes. Thus, it can be inferred that by modifying the comorbidities, positive outcome can be observed  

Keywords: COVID-19, Risk factors, Outcome, Mortality  

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