Javeria Afzal, Saima Rafi, Danish Javed, Sana Zafar, Mahwish Sajid, Rabia Mahmood

Assessment of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Expertise among Dental House Officers Working in A Dental Hospital, Multan

Javeria Afzal, Saima Rafi, Danish Javed, Sana Zafar, Mahwish Sajid, Rabia Mahmood



Background: Cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) is an abrupt and an unpredicted halt in patients’ breathing as well as circulation due to several reasons. All wellbeing experts, including dental specialists, should be very much prepared to take care of and oversee health related crises.

Aim: To examine House Surgeon’s medical practices of the recent CPR guidelines and to recognize the precautions that should be followed to correct the deficiencies identified.

Setting: Multan Dental College Multan

Methodology: Participants were selected randomly. Knowledge about CPR was evaluated by printed objective paper. Practical expertise/ skills were evaluated by SimMan (high-fidelity simulator). Objective paper comprised of 7 multiple choice questions and eighteen true false. Allotted time duration was 20 Minutes. One mark for every query and 50% marks were thought-off as passing scores

Results: 34% of the participants scored 50% or more marks while 66% failed to do so. Regarding practical demonstration’s none of the participant was successful completely.  Failure in initial assessment was attributed to 67% participants. Failure due to compression rate error, Failure due to ventilation rate error & Failure due to wrong hand position were reported by 70% participants.

Conclusion: We conclude that level of knowledge as well as training regarding medicinal emergencies of dental house officers is below the required standard. Therefore, it is essential to place correct strategies & plans in place to fortify their recognized zones of weakness.

Keywords: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Dental House officers, Cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA), 

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