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November 2021

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Vol. 15, Issue 11, November 2021

Results of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection in Chronic Lateral Humeral Epicondylar Tendinopathy

Subhan Shahid, Muhammad Abubakar, Rehan Abdul Sattar, Muhammad Hasan


Impact of Mesioangular Mandibular Impacted 3rd Molar on Peridontal Health of Adjacent Tooth

Samar Nazir, Nousheen Khan, Athar Khan, Asif Noor, Naima Jabeen


Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Healthcare Providers Regarding Infection Control at Tertiary Care Hospital

Muhammad Uzair, Umar Khalid, Muhammad Shahbaz, Nehal Khan, Niaz Ali, Falk Sher, Zohaib ur Rehman Mufti, Kashaf Yaseen, Iftikhar Ahmad, Noor Muhammad


Mean Placental Birth Weight Ratio at Term in Primigravidae

Nazia Muneer, Shamaila Shamaun, Afshan Shahid, Riffat Jaleel, Mehreen Iqbal, Sobia Munir


Vitamin D Deficiency and Adverse Results in COVID-19

Maria Mehmood, Zobia Mubarak, Irum Javed, Sarah Arif, Sikandar Ali Khan, Samreen Jan


Epidemic of Coivid-19 Contagion in Pakistan (Asia): a Perspective Assessment

Muhammad Shah Zaib, Raina Khan, Hassan Raza, Saleem Ehsan



Frequency of Subclinical Hypothyroidism among Patients of Polycysitic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Arooj Fatima, Ammara Mansoor, Faiza Nawaz, Ayesha Ilyas, Mehwish Hassan, Tabeer Fatima


Study of Underlying Factors among Women Presenting with Septic/Unsafe Termination of Pregnancy

Faiza Nawaz, Ammara Mansoor, Arooj Fatima, Ayesha Ilyas, Mehwish Hassan, Tabeer Fatima


Impact of the Mesioangular Mandibular on the Peridontal Health of Adjacent Tooth by the Third Molar

Faizan Munir Khan, Amber Farooq Ghauri, Nighat Shafiq, Umar Farooq Khan, Umar Nasir, Muhammad Amer Khan


Third Molar Surgery: Risk Factors and Complications after Removal of Third Molars

Syed Zuhair Mehdi, Faizan Munir Khan, Nighat Shafiq, Sarah Salim, Muhammad Amer Khan, Karishama Ali


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