Gul Afshan, Ponum Mirani, Imtiaz Aslam, Sobia Ibrahim

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Effects of Garcinia Cambogia on the Weights of Normal Albino Mice

Gul Afshan, Ponum Mirani, Imtiaz Aslam, Sobia Ibrahim



Aim: Effects of available weight reducing drugs on the weights of a normal albino mice.

Methodology: In this study, total 39 adult albino mice were used and were divided in three groups containing 13 animals in each. Group I served as control and was given 1 ml of distilled water once a day for 8 weeks. Group II and Group III served as experimental group and mice in these groups were given 0.5 mg of Slim Smart and Ultra Slim Plus drugs dissolved in 1 ml of distilled water respectively once a day for 8 weeks. To support these results weights of kidneys were also measured and relative tissue width index was calculated and compared with control group.

Results: The weight of the animals increased in the experimental groups as compared to the control group. The overall difference for final weight among three groups was highly significant with p-value <0.01. When final weight compared group wise, the experimental groups had significantly higher weight as compared to control with p-values <0.01and 0.028

Conclusion: Both Ultra Slim Plus and Slim Smart drugs cause weight to increase in the individuals who are not obese and have BMI in normal range

Keywords: Weight loss, Garcinia Cambodia, kidney, Albino mice

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