Mawra Hyder, Muhammad Ali, Isma Sajjad, Nousheen Khan, Muhammad Ahmed, Asif Noor

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Knowledge about Prescription of the Antibiotic for Endodontic’s Treatment among Final Year Students.

Mawra Hyder, Muhammad Ali, Isma Sajjad, Nousheen Khan, Muhammad Ahmed, Asif Noor



Background: Since antibiotic’s discovery, they have been widely utilized for treatment of the odontogenic infections. Writing a prescription is a vital determining factor of the good doctor/clinician. Drug Prescription is a dynamic and personalized clinical process, which is established as a result of necessities of the patient & acquaintance of practitioner & is also the component of curriculum of graduation.

Aim: To evaluate and assess knowledge about prescription of the antibiotic during the endodontics’s treatment and the errors made by final year students at the dental hospital.

Setting: Multan Medical & Dental College Multan

Methodology: This survey-based research was led among 48 students of Multan Dental College Multan. A form was designed, regarding pattern of the antibiotic’s prescription & conditions/situations for which the drugs were recommended by students of final year.

Results: The medication of choice was mostly Amoxicillin alone (75%) and Amoxicillin + clavulanic acid (55%). Most of antibiotic prescriptions were written for Perio-endo lesion (85%), acute apical abscess (80%). Chronic apical abscess with sinus tract (80%), Ch. apical abscess with periodontitis (65%), Patients with swelling & difficulty in swallowing (62%). In this study the greatest numbers of antibiotics prescribed were prophylactically for congenital cardiac sicknesses 69.7%, and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus 60%. Prosthetic joint in past 2 years 40% & Chemo/radio therapy 30%.

Conclusion: There is a dearth of knowledge as well as information concerning the suitable indication, kind, & dose of the antibiotics in practice of dentistry. The curriculum should propose great accent on prescription, and decent prescription practices should also be taught in clinical rotation’s, using actual or imaginary cases.

Keywords: Antibiotics, Endodontics, Prescription writing, prophylaxis, Root canal treatment (RCT)

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