Maria Ilyas, Masooma Ahmed, Kanwal Saeed, Nazia Siddique, Momna Riaz, Muhammad Faisal Shahzad

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Energy drinks leading to infertility by causing cytotoxic injury of the ovaries - A randomized controlled animal trial

Maria Ilyas, Masooma Ahmed, Kanwal Saeed, Nazia Siddique, Momna Riaz, Muhammad Faisal Shahzad



Aim: To observe energy drink induced ovarian cytotoxicity and possible protective effects of co-administration of omega 3 fatty acids.

Methods: The experimental study comprised of 36 adult female albino rats was conducted at anatomy department, PGMI, Lahore. Animals were divided into 3 groups. Group A was control. Groups B received energy drink. Group C received omega 3 along with energy drinks once daily orally for 30 consecutive days. Rats were sacrificed under deep anesthesia on 30th day. Ovaries were extracted and sections were stained with H&E stains. Results were analyzed using SPSS. A p-value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Results: Animals administered with energy drink showed marked pyknosis of graafian follicular cells and oocyte nuclei when compared with control and energy dink plus omega 3 treated animals. Vacuolization of the follicular cells was also more pronounced in energy drinks treated group (p <0.001). Ovarian stroma of energy drink treated group showed marked vascular congestion and tissue infiltration as compared to the omega 3 plus energy drink treated groups..

Conclusion: Oxidative stress induced by the energy drinks is the basic cause behind the toxic change seen in ovarian histo-architecture. Omega-3 significantly decreased these detrimental effects of energy drink due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. This study can be a pioneer in guiding the population about the harmful effects of energy drinks on ovarian morphology, leading to cytotoxicity of oocyte and ultimately leading to infertility.

Keywords: Energy drinks; Omega-3; Cytotoxicity;  Oxidative stress; Carbonated Beverages; Infertility; Caffeine

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