Hina Zubair, Lubna Riaz, Fartash Zahra, Sara Saeed Malik, Rabail Javed

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Comparison of Various Progesterone Drugs in Reducing Miscarriages

Hina Zubair, Lubna Riaz, Fartash Zahra, Sara Saeed Malik, Rabail Javed



Background: Threatened abortion is a common complication of pregnancy. In order to prevent miscarriage progesterone in various forms is administered in patients. This is done to allow pregnancy to proceed further beyond twenty week of gestation. Aim: To compare gravibinan (injected) with utrogestan/cyclogest (intra vaginal administration) in reduction of miscarriages. Study design: Case control study Place and duration of study: Department of Obstetrics & Gynecologiy, Mohtrama Benzair Bhutto Shaheed Medical College Mirpur and Department of Pediatric, Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020. Methodology: Pregnant women, who had vaginal bleeding until 20 weeks of their pregnancy, were assessed for inclusion. Participants were divided into three groups. Group A was given gravibinan, Group B was given utrogestan and Group C was given cyclogest. Results: Women infested with gravibinan had 20% those who still had miscarriage while the number of miscarriages significantly decreased to 14.2% in utrogestan group and 13.63% in cyclogest group (p<0.005). Conclusion: Cyclogest proved a better drug of choice for reducing miscarriages.

Keywords: Miscarriages, progesterone, pregnancy

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