Sadaf Qayyum, Zubair Wahab, Rabia Saeed, Anbar Zulfiqar, Ayisha Shakeel, Iqra Iqbal

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Comparison of contrast sensitivity in myopic patients using spectacle and contact lens correction

Sadaf Qayyum, Zubair Wahab, Rabia Saeed, Anbar Zulfiqar, Ayisha Shakeel, Iqra Iqbal



Aim: To compare the contrast sensitivity in different categories of myopia using two different optical correction spectacles and contact lens correction. Methods: This cross-sectional study in design was conducted from August 2018 to May 2019 at the Ophthalmology Department of Madinah Teaching Hospital Faisalabad.45 subjects corrected with spectacles lenses and contact lenses all had corrected visual acuity of 6/9 or better were studied.The extent of myopia determined the three groups. All individuals were subjected to spectacles and Contact lens correction using slitlamp for anterior eye examination and for the fundus examination. The assessment of visual acuity was carried out by the Snellen vision Chart at 6m distance and contrastssensitivity was tested by Pelli- Robson chart. Results: Results showed a significant relationship between contrast sensitivity and type of optical correction. There were significant results of the independent t-test for spectacle and contact lenses 0.00 (p<0.005). However, the mean contrast sensitivity was better for all the three groupswith contact lens correction as compared to spectacle lens correction.Contact lenses provide better contrast sensitivity than spectacle lenses. Conclusion: Comparison between contact lens and spectacle correction was done and better quality contact lenses reduce optical defocus and give better results of contrast sensitivity. Results also concluded that loss of contrast sensitivity will be interpreted as early loss of retinal functions in severe myopes.

Keywords: Myopia, Contrast sensitivity, Spectacle lens, Contact lens

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